Fear vs. Intuition: Navigating Inner Guidance

Posted in Universe on November 3, 2023 by  Anita Rombough 

Have you ever experienced that nagging feeling you just can't shake off? Perhaps it's when you swiped right on an online dating site, or you accepted a job offer. Today I’ll explore the age-old question: Is it fear or intuition?

As a soul strategist and success coach, I'm no stranger to this question, and I've encountered it in my own life. For us, ambitious goal-getters striving to show up and glow up as our best selves, fear and intuition play pivotal roles. Stepping out of our comfort zones often triggers fear, but it's also where we can find our intuition, our inner guidance system.
Before delving into the intricacies of identifying fear and intuition, let's understand what they are. We are multi-faceted beings, composed of various layers. Our physical body represents the outermost layer, followed by our mind, which processes the world based on our identities and stories. At the core, we find our soul, a formless, energetic dimension, driven by unconditional love and limitless potential.

Fear and intuition are always within us, but they come from different dimensions – fear originates from the mind, while intuition emanates from the soul or heart. Fear tends to make us anxious and resistant, while intuition is an inner knowing, often emotionally detached, guiding us with our highest potential in mind.

Although fear and intuition coexist within us, we oscillate between them. When we're in our logical, fearful mind, it's challenging to access our intuitive heart. Western society prioritizes logic over intuition, reinforcing our fear-based mindset. We fear judgment, inadequacy, and the consequences of our decisions, a mindset instilled from an early age.
Fear is a vital aspect of our survival, serving as an instinctual alarm system that keeps us safe. When we venture into uncharted territory or push the boundaries of our comfort zone, our minds sound the alarm, and fear permeates our being. It's up to us to discern whether this fear is a genuine warning or a false alarm.

Despite its importance, fear is not all-encompassing, as it cannot assess the reasonability of the threat. Our intuition is the gentle, guiding force that often contradicts our fear. It encourages us to move forward when fear tells us to retreat. Our intuition helps us understand something without the need for conscious reasoning or analysis. It is a form of insight that is immediate and instinctive.

Here's how you can differentiate between fear and intuition:

  1. Are You in Danger?
    - Fear arises when we perceive danger, real or imagined. If there is no real danger, proceed with caution.
    - Assess the situation – is there any potential harm or danger? If not, it's likely fear sounding the alarm.

  2. How Do You Feel?
    - Fear elicits feelings of withdrawal, anxiety, and resistance. It makes you doubt yourself, worry, and fear judgment or failure.
    - Intuition, on the other hand, inspires hope, excitement, and potential. It may make you feel scared but excited about the possibilities.

  3. What's the Worst That Can Happen?
    - Think logically about the worst-case scenario. Can it lead to irreversible harm or unsafe conditions?
    -Understand that almost everything is reversible or changeable, allowing you to course-correct if needed.

Remember, growth and evolution are accompanied by discomfort. The inner dialogues and feelings you experience are part of the journey. Keep growing, keep glowing!

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