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Unleash your inner self and sculpt a life that's thrilling, empowering, and completely aligned with you.

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Hi, I’m Anita!

I help people edit their energy so that they can love deeply, live with purpose, and level up their life one frequency at a time.

I’ve taught thousands of people like you how to harness their power and connection to the universe to make their dream life a reality.


The answer lies in your energy.


It's insane how much has changed for me since working with Anita. Her gentle support and guidance were exactly what I needed to minimize my doubts and work towards my dream. I started with no results. Now, opportunities are just coming to me, and things are falling into place, in all aspects of my life.

Does this sound familiar?

  • You wake up at 6 am and flop into bed exhausted at 10 pm after a busy day of making lunches, doing kid drop-offs, going from meeting to meeting, and answering an inbox full of emails, only to do it again the next day.
  • You have a pretty good life. A career that people are envious of, a loving partner, and a happy and healthy family but despite “having it all,” you feel like something is missing.
  • It’s 2 a.m. and instead of catching some Z’s, you’re tossing and turning thinking about who you are and the heck you want to do with your life. While everything seems the same on the outside, inside you feel like a different person.
  • You spend the day surrounded by your team and family, yet you walk away without feeling a deep connection to anyone. You are tired of the superficial small talk.
  • The career that once lit you up is now burning you out. You start Monday’s counting down the days until the weekend.
  • You can’t remember the last time you had a stomach-cramping belly laugh or heart-to-heart with your bestie.
  • The pandemic changed how you look at the world, your purpose, your relationships, your career, everything.
  • You are as logical as they come, but enjoy the occasional hot yoga sesh, and are wondering what all the hype is about crystals, tarot cards, and other things “woo”
  • You wonder if leaning into the “woo” will make your life easier….is manifesting really a thing? You are skeptical but at this point, you have nothing to lose in trying it out…
  • You’ve tried meditation but every time you close your eyes and take deep breaths you get restless as you mentally review all the things on your to-do list that you should be doing instead.
  • You aren’t exactly sure what intuition is, but somewhere from deep within you, you have a feeling that something needs to change which is both exciting and terrifying.
  • Your younger self is wondering how you got to this point. Feeling this way was never part of your plan.

You know you are meant for more. More fulfillment. 
More joy. More money. More time. More impact.


Listen, I get it.

After an unprecedented time in history, the global events that shut the external world down opened the doors to our internal world.

Life changed dramatically in the blink of an eye.

The pre-pandemic status quo of life is no longer acceptable and is long gone, leaving some deep uncomfortable truths in its wake.

Every. Single. Thing. is up for critical appraisal.

Your values and beliefs, Your health. Your joy. Your impact. Your dreams. Your relationships. Your career. ALL of it.

You are on the precipice of creating your new life.

Self-discovery and reinvention are no small feats.

It takes courage, authenticity, and curiosity.

And now, you get to choose again.

You should NOT be doing it alone.

“Working with Anita helped me achieve so much more than I could have ever imaginedHer knowledge, experience, and support have given me the motivation to go after my goals and find clarity, inspiration, and direction for my lifeMy life has progressed more in 4 months than it has in 10 yearsI have gained so much working with Anita as my life coach and I am now starting a whole new chapter in my life thanks to her. I can't thank you enough, Anita, for all the hope you have helped to create within me.”

I am not your neighbour’s life coach!

I have over 20+ years of working in the corporate world, advanced education, and expertise in the areas of psychology, occupational therapy, and business. I know the hustle-and-bustle Type A life well. I geek out on high-performance habits, mindset, strategy, and all things personal development. I’ve also coached hundreds of people over my years as a therapist to achieve results that are deeply meaningful and purposeful to them.

I believe these experiences are a perfect complement to my intuitive, spiritual side. As a child of first-generation East Indian immigrants, I spent much of my childhood meditating, practising yoga, incanting powerful ancient Sanskrit mantras, and ashram hopping to learn from Ascended masters. Though it wasn’t fashion-forward then, these spiritual tools and practices have given me a solid footing when it comes to mindfulness, intuition, and energy. For a long time, I hid this part of me because it wasn’t readily accepted into the mainstream culture.


I had my own existential reckoning. A come to the Universe moment, where I realized, that I needed to integrate and embody both these worlds as part of my authentic self. Not only would that serve me the best personally, but it was also my path forward to serve others in the most impactful way as well.

Today, as a Soul Strategist and Success Coach, I help others create their most aligned, authentic, and fulfilling life. One that feels good on the inside and looks good on the outside.

I achieve these results by blending research-backed productivity and scientific methods from the Western World with universe-backed spiritual methods from the Eastern world. I love to unlock the wisdom from your higher self through tarot, surface your soul gifts through conscious manifestation, and then use mindful productivity to bring this intentionally curated next-level version of you into reality.

Oh, and I’m down to earth, gentle yet firm, no-bs personality type that honestly wants you to tap into your truly limitless potential. That is my life purpose. Full stop.

“Anita does wonders as a life coach. She helped me gain much more confidence, clarity, and positivity. In three sessions I had surpassed my wildest career goals and got a BIG promotion. I've learned so much more about myself and what truly makes me happy.

My energy edit coaching program is like your personal guide to making the incredible changes you’ve been dreaming of. When you join, get ready to:

  • Truly, I mean truly, fall head over heels in love with yourself. No apologies, just pure-self-love.
  • Build amazing, satisfying, and drama-free relationships with others that’ll make your heart sing.
  • Dive headfirst into the most epic, mind-blowing, and downright daring life you’ve ever imagined. It’s beyond your wildest dreams, trust me!

“My coaching experience with Anita left me with a feeling of “knowing” myself on a new level, feeling empowered, clear, and in control. I was able to identify the direction that I wanted to follow in my career and I learned how to make myself a priority without guilt and with ease.

Some of the big and small topics I cover with clients look like…

  • Is this the right job for me?
  • How can I make my marriage stronger?
  • How can I get more done without doing more?
  • How can I make time for myself without feeling guilty?
  • What am I looking for in my friendships?
  • What type of impact do I want to make in the world?
  • Am I living a life that I would choose for myself now?
  • What are things I can do today to increase my joy?
  • Where do I see my life in the next 5 years?
  • How can I action this feeling or desire to explore another path?
  • How can I create more time for myself and the things I love?
  • What does it mean to be spiritual?
  • How do I define success?
  • How can I tell the difference between my fear and intuition?
  • What does my most joyous, biggest, and boldest life look like for me?

You can’t afford not to invest in your life. You only get one.
Are you ready to level up your energy and rise to your highest and best magnetic version of yourself? Let’s do it.

Clients who see the best results with me are typically…

  • Mid-to-senior level corporate employees who still want to progress in their careers but feel lost as to how to gain control back of their life & schedule.
  • Working moms & dads that are struggling to balance the competing demands of adulting and wishing to show up as a present and engaged at home and at work.
  • Successful, driven, and growth-oriented high-achievers that are open to exploring a life filled with more of what they “want” versus what they “should” be doing.
  • Type A folks looking to avoid burnout and embrace more ease and flow.
  • Lifelong learners who are excited to go deeper on their self-discovery journey and create a life that reflects all aspects of themselves.
  • Big-hearted, new, and aspiring entrepreneurs that are wanting to create a business that is aligned with their values, fulfilling, and financially rewarding.
  • Spiritually curious and questioning their bigger life purpose showing up in a different way in a post-pandemic world.
  • Brave humans that feel they are meant for more and are ready to push themselves out of their comfort zones to get it.

When I came to Anita for coaching, I was in the early days of addressing alcohol abuse. After over a decade of numbing my feelings and quieting my mind through drinking I was disconnected from myself. I didn't know where to start. Anita's warmth and guidance helped me to reconnect to myself, my gifts, and my boundaries. Without judgement, she offered weekly accountability and insight. I'm now on the road to continued growth!

In 3-months life could look like this…

  • You spend 3 months being brave, staying curious, and taking doable actions to build a strong foundation for a life you love.
  • You have oodles of “you” time, friend time, family time, and time period.
  • You wake up before your alarm clock, with a smile on your face actually feeling excited about the day ahead.
  • You feel more connected to your partner and friends. No more superficial chats about the weather or kid-related logistics.
  • You feel healthier and less stressed.
  • Your days are filled with things you care about, and you feel accomplished and proud.
  • Even if your days aren’t perfect, you are happy because it was exciting, meaningful, and made you feel better about who you are. And you can go to bed knowing that you get to do it again the next day, after a restful night’s sleep…